Featured Snippet SEO – What You Need to Know by Digital Marketing Training Institute in Nirman Vihar

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Day after day, the search engines are getting smarter and are able to sort the user’s query in a fraction of a second. Be it a simple question related to the weather outside or a sci-fi query, search engines, especially Google, are snappy in providing answers with the help of feature snippets.

For the unversed, a featured snippet is a quick, brief but complete answer to a user’s query. It appears on the search page in the form of a box. With these featured snippets, a user gets a quick answer to his question without having to click on a website and search for the answer. To gain this special feature on your website or blog, you need to best digital marketing institute in laxmi nagar.

What is Google Featured Snippet? 

Google is one of the highly used search engines leveraged by billions of people. If we talk about the web, there are millions of websites with billions of pages. When a user searches for a query, it becomes Google’s responsibility to show more relevant and update results.

To filter out the best results, Google uses more than 600 factors to rank the content to show you the top 10 relevant search results to your query. To make the search results more relevant and quick to the users, Google introduced featured snippets. Under this special feature, Google automatically pulls relevant data from an indexed web page to showcase it to the visitors. 

Google featured snippets that are useful in terms of digital marketing course institute in Laxmi Nagar. First, if your website is ranking a featured snippet for a keyword, there are 8% more chances that users will click on your website’s URL as it’s appearing top of all the other search results. And, secondly, there are high chances that your website will rank two times in the organic search results — one in the featured snippet and other in the top 10 search results. To take a competitive edge over others optimizing the website to earn more snippets is highly recommended.

Benefits of Google Featured Snippet?

Google featured snippet brings you tons of SEO benefits for your website. Optimizing your website leveraging advanced featured snippet SEO techniques, you can easily dominate the search results. 

No matter Digital Marketing Training Institute in Nirman Vihar is, featured snippets are the only key to unlock sheer SEO benefits to drive more traffic and revenue. Following are some of the key benefits of Google featured snippet:

  • A ton of organic traffic
  • More Authority in your niche
  • Leverage benefits from the voice search

A Ton Of Organic Traffic:

If your site is properly SEO optimized, you can enjoy thousands of visitors per month or even every week or day. As you appear on the ‘position zero’ that means about the first ranking website, you own the first organic search page results. 

More Authority In Your Niche:

To dominate your competitors, featured snippets are among the most straightforward ways of doing this. People pay thousands of dollars to rank on #1 position but with a featured snippet, you can build your authority by appearing over everyone without spending anything. 

Leverage Benefits From The Voice Search:

As of 2020, more than 40% of people use voice commands to find quick answers. Interestingly, Google picks the answer from a website that is having a digital marketing training in Laxmi Nagar. By performing a featured snippet SEO, you are also optimizing your site for the ongoing voice search trend.